Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Hands of stone

Everyone has an idol they try to live up to. Having an image of such person before your eyes inspires you and motivates you to new achievements. For me it’s Muhammad Ali. Most people know him as just a boxer. But he was much more than that. Did you known that he actually grew up in a poor family and rose from the very bottom to become a world’s icon? And even already as a boxing star, he didn’t forget about his hardships and those still suffering in the same ghetto where he grew up. Eager to make the world see this terrible injustice, he was constantly emphasizing social and racial issues in interviews and at public events. He wanted to turn everyone’s attention to those problems so that people would understand how miserable and joyless life is in some parts of our planet. I personally think such devotion is worthy of admiration! Besides, boxing wasn’t the only area of Muhammad Ali’s interests:

  • As I already said, he was a fervent public activist. I believe his passionate speeches changed many people’s minds.
  • He was also a generous philanthropist who helped the needy all over the world. He even won some kind of a medal for that.
  • Surprisingly enough, he also painted! Not professionally, of course. His works are more like kid’s drawings, but that doesn’t prevent them from selling. How much is Muhammad Ali painting worth? I saw one at $4,000. Not bad for a boxer, ha? 🙂

My motivator

As much as it’s fascinating to flip through Muhammad Ali’s artworks (it’s like peeping into a very private part of his soul), I like paintings of him by other artists better 🙂 I even bought one, although it’s not in my habit to spend money on such impractical stuff. Here is this splendid Muhammad Ali painting by Leonid Afremov. I never heard of this artist before, but I liked the way he painted Ali – so colorful and triumphant. I wouldn’t call his manner very realistic, but it does convey the incredible emotions you experience when someone you are cheering up for wins the fight! Looking at this picture, I feel more confident, ready to go out into the big world and show what I’m worth 🙂 What about you? Do you have a poster of your favorite celebrity to motivate and inspire you? Who is it? I’m looking forward to your own stories!

image (1)





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